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ASP.NET MVC Helper for creating Twitter Bootstrap Form Fields

Being a good (read: lazy) programmer, when I find myself doing something over and over, I automate it. Ostensibly, this is done to save time in the long run and to prevent mistakes in repetitive work. Really though, it’s because I think doing the same thing is boring, and creating something new is fun. One […]

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Fixing Authorize.NET’s FormBuilders for ASP.NET MVC

Recently, I was working on a client site and had to implement payment using Authorize.NET. Compared to some other service providers, their documentation and sample code is fairly good. However, when I tried to use their @using (new SIMForm(…)) {} construct, I kept getting forms that looked like crap. It turns out that that class […]

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Adding HTML Helper Extensions in ASP.NET MVC

I’ve been working in ASP.NET MVC as much as possible lately, because it’s so much more enjoyable than working in WebForms. There is still some debate about its usefulness for some applications, but that is a whole separate topic. One of the things I’ve done is create some HTML helper functions. They are really useful […]

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