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A Type-Safe Cache with Delegates for ASP.NET (also MVC)

Caching is great. It’s what allows all of our favorite websites to run lightning-fast. ASP.NET has a robust caching system built in which can hold value types or serializable reference types. It can also perform caching of output from an ActionResult or PartialViewResult rendered from a controller action method. However, the existing ASP.NET caching has […]

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Screencast: Intro To .NET Lists, Generics and LINQ

I didn’t realize this, but apparently there are a lot of .NET devs out there that don’t have a good understanding of how to use things like Lists, IEnumerable, Generics and LINQ. I put together this screencast to help shed at least a little bit of light on the subject. *Video: intro to .net lists, […]

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