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ASP.NET MVC Helper for creating Twitter Bootstrap Form Fields

Being a good (read: lazy) programmer, when I find myself doing something over and over, I automate it. Ostensibly, this is done to save time in the long run and to prevent mistakes in repetitive work. Really though, it’s because I think doing the same thing is boring, and creating something new is fun. One […]

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Using the Kendo UI Grid with oData on WCF Data Services

While working on a project, one of the requirements was to implement a table that includes filtering and sorting on a collection possibly containing thousands or tens of thousands of items. I started implementing the features myself, but I was reminded that we had an available license to use the Kendo UI Grid. The control […]

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A Type-Safe Cache with Delegates for ASP.NET (also MVC)

Caching is great. It’s what allows all of our favorite websites to run lightning-fast. ASP.NET has a robust caching system built in which can hold value types or serializable reference types. It can also perform caching of output from an ActionResult or PartialViewResult rendered from a controller action method. However, the existing ASP.NET caching has […]

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Pass Multiple Strongly Typed Models to Views in ASP.NET MVC

I had a requirement recently for a view with multiple required Models. The view was mainly a list of one type of objects, but also had to grab a couple of pieces of information from another object. The obvious ways to do this would be to: Create a ViewModel specifically for this view that simply […]

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