Software Development Job Satisfaction

In my journey as a software developer, I’ve come to understand that there are at least three points that make of break a job, for me at least. I recommend finding out about these before accepting any job offer.
  • Perspective: Is Development looked at as a cost, or as an investment? This paradigm determines whether developers are respected and treated well, and whether they are given the best tools to do their job in the best way possible.
  • Technology: What technologies are being used? Some companies are stuck in the past because of stubbornness or business necessity. Not being able to utilize newer technologies is frustrating.
  • Culture: What is the company culture like? Are there events such as team building? Is there open communication? Is input from all employees valued? What is the manager-employee relationship like?
These issues are are also not normally covered in much depth in an interview. The only way to get the real dirt on a company ( and there’s always dirt ) is to talk to an employee one-on-one. An employee. Not a manager. A code monkey just like you. Talk to them outside of the work environment. Buy them a beer if you can. Get them talking, and you’ll find out what it’s really┬álike to work there.
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Posted Thursday, December 15th, 2011 under Software Development.

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