My new favorite Linux VPN Provider

So, for the past six months or so, I’ve been using a Linux VPN service called Digital Ocean. These guys are awesome, and because of that they’re growing super fast. They just opened up their second data center in New York, and they have one in San Francisco as well. I’ve spun up instances of Debian and Ubuntu in both locations and they both perform flawlessly.

On one occasion I needed to get a linux box up quickly to help with some Python demos that were being put on at a conference. I instantiated one of their lowest-level configurations (512MB RAM, 1 CPU, 20GB of SSD storage) and we were off! Unfortunately, apparently having 10 people actively doing a bunch of stuff in IPython notebooks can be extremely taxing on a server. I think what happened is that we maxxed out the RAN and caused the server to start to swap everything out. As anyone who is familiar with the relative speeds of storage mechanisms knows, even an SSD is orders of magnitude slower than RAM.

In any case, the server started to bog down hard. No problem, I just flipped over to the admin console, upgraded the server instance to have 16GB of RAM and 8 CPU cores. Note that this can also be done via their REST API, which is awesome. Once the server booted back up, we were in business. The demo went great, and I got to save the day. Thanks, Digital Ocean!

I really haven’t found anything bad to say about this service, except that I can’t seem to get Mono to run an MVC3 app on Linux. Oh wait – that’s not their fault! But if I could get that piece of my current puzzle solved I would be super super happy.

*Note: the links I posted above are affiliate links. If this is a service you do need, but you happen to hate helping people out who tell you about awesome things, please feel free to google them or whatever.


Posted Friday, August 2nd, 2013 under Linux.

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