I’m in the cloud

First of all: so, I was thinking I should probably write some kind of “Hello World” post, maybe even with that as the title. Being a programmer, it only seems logical to do something like that. The more I think about it though, anything I would write there should probably go on the ‘About’ page instead. When I get around to it, that’s where I’ll write something.

The meat: I’m in the cloud (sung to: ‘On A Boat’)

I’m running this blog on Amazon EC2. I think that’s cool, for a couple of reasons. First of all, it’s terribly, terribly fast. In fact, I’ve never had a WordPress site load this fast, with or without caching. So that’s cool. But really the biggest thing is that I trust Amazon. I know their architecture is solid, and I know there are backups. I know my data’s not going to suddenly disappear into, well, the cloud. =)

Never thought I’d see the day

Yesterday, I saw this link about Amazon offering micro instances come up in my Google Reader. I was intrigued. Could I actually use Amazon’s services without paying $60-$80 a month for a VPS? After reading into it and using the cost estimator, I found out that I could indeed get a micro instance for about $14 a month.

Take a good hard look at the ##$^& cloud

After I found out the price was right, it took me about an hour of work to spin up an instance, install WordPress and get going. I used this guide to installing wordpress on Amazon EC2. The only difference is that I use a little DNS provider called afraid.org which makes it really easy to manage your dynamic DNS. The only thing I have to do to make sure my IP gets updated if it changes is use curl to make an HTTP request to a specific page on their server.

You can’t stop me #&%@#^! cause I’m on the cloud

It feels pretty good to have my blog here. Thanks for stopping by!

Posted Monday, September 13th, 2010 under Hosting.

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