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Naming Things

This is the second post in the series ‘Introduction to Professional Programming Concepts’. The first post was What is Dependency Injection? In programming, appropriate naming of everything is extremely important to being able to read and understand code. This applies whether you’re reading code that someone else wrote years ago, and even to code you […]

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Software Development Job Satisfaction

In my journey as a software developer, I’ve come to understand that there are at least three points that make of break a job, for me at least. I recommend finding out about these before accepting any job offer. Perspective: Is Development looked at as a cost, or as an investment? This paradigm determines whether […]

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A C# Implementation of Ruby On Rails’ Cycle Method for ASP.NET MVC

Again, another thing that I thought should probably be out there, but when I Googled it, was nowhere to be found. Basically, in Ruby on Rails, if you want to alternate row colors or something like that, the easiest way is to do: DATA HERE Which will alternate between the two values you feed it. […]

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Extension Methods in .NET

Extension methods in .net are awesome. Ever since I left the ruby development community, I was slightly saddened by the inability to modify classes. In Ruby, you can open up a class anytime and modify it on the fly, even at runtime. Now that I think about this more, being able to modify any class […]

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