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A C# Implementation of Ruby On Rails’ Cycle Method for ASP.NET MVC

Again, another thing that I thought should probably be out there, but when I Googled it, was nowhere to be found. Basically, in Ruby on Rails, if you want to alternate row colors or something like that, the easiest way is to do: DATA HERE Which will alternate between the two values you feed it. […]

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Pass Multiple Strongly Typed Models to Views in ASP.NET MVC

I had a requirement recently for a view with multiple required Models. The view was mainly a list of one type of objects, but also had to grab a couple of pieces of information from another object. The obvious ways to do this would be to: Create a ViewModel specifically for this view that simply […]

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Creating a new row on tab-out of an Infragistics UltraWebGrid

I had a need to do this today, and it took me longer than it should have to research and paste together the fragments I found around the net. I don’t have a whole lot of experience with the Ultra Web Grid and maybe this is something that is obvious for those that do. Below […]

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Screencast: Intro To .NET Lists, Generics and LINQ

I didn’t realize this, but apparently there are a lot of .NET devs out there that don’t have a good understanding of how to use things like Lists, IEnumerable, Generics and LINQ. I put together this screencast to help shed at least a little bit of light on the subject. *Video: intro to .net lists, […]

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