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A C# Implementation of Ruby On Rails’ Cycle Method for ASP.NET MVC

Again, another thing that I thought should probably be out there, but when I Googled it, was nowhere to be found. Basically, in Ruby on Rails, if you want to alternate row colors or something like that, the easiest way is to do: DATA HERE Which will alternate between the two values you feed it. […]

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Adding HTML Helper Extensions in ASP.NET MVC

I’ve been working in ASP.NET MVC as much as possible lately, because it’s so much more enjoyable than working in WebForms. There is still some debate about its usefulness for some applications, but that is a whole separate topic. One of the things I’ve done is create some HTML helper functions. They are really useful […]

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Using Active Directory Authentication With Groups in ASP.NET MVC

Here are the steps to enable your ASP.NET MVC application to authenticate users automatically on the Intranet, using Kerberos, and using Active Directory groups.

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